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Monday, September 30, 2013


I got hooked into swimming around may of this year, I think it's a pretty good idea that I should be swimming because of how I used to smoke when I was younger, they say you exercise your lungs the most from breathing in and out of the water while you swim.

It started out when my old man brought me and my brothers to this small island off the coast of cebu last april, it was one of those really expensive resorts like those you see on travel magazines with all the fancy landscaping and decorating they did to the place to make it look like paradise where you would forget how miserable life is by being there, together with some gorgeous girl the magazine says is somewhere along the resort. Except when I got there, its just all old couples relaxing who already forgot how miserable life was.

But what made this place rather interesting aside from the pricetag is that a lot of whale sharks live around the place, the biggest kind any shark could grow into yet they pick on the smallest of shrimps to eat, like grade school bullies. And these big sharks love to stay around the place because of the fishermen feeding them a lot of shrimps for breakfast that they are behaving like dogs, swimming after small fishing boats and pushing them around until they get food, I swear they'd bark or wag their tail for food if they could. Its almost as good as that adage: give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, continue to give him fish and he will know where to ask from the next day, and it seems this adage goes out to the fishes themselves as well.

We went out to sea on a small boat to see these sharks real close, it was a small boat about the size of two coffins with two boatmen rowing the thing from both ends, and when we were far enough from shore we found three of these whale sharks and when I saw them underwater they were as big as a goddam car each, yet it was one of the most amazing things I could ever see in this life. It didn't pay attention to us though, even our boat because somehow it knew we didn't have shrimps with us. Eventhough shrimps but it was still a shark all the same and spielberg gave us this jaws nightmare from movieland that sharks like to eat people. It was not going to eat any of us but each time I faced the fish, I swear I could fit into its mouth headfirst because it always swam with its mouth hung open like a human retard would do while walking, and I could get stuck and drown inside, such instance being said in a nutshell would still sound like being eaten by a shark.

After our nature show, my brothers were climbing back on the boat but something stupid struck me right there on the water, I told them that I'd just swim back to shore for the hell of it. I knew it was far just by looking how deep the seabed where I was with the sharks, and I could kill myself from even trying something crazy like that. Nobody stopped me anyway, least they should have said was go kill yourself.

But holy aquaman, I did managed it back to shore and I was tired like hell and coughing from swallowing too much saltwater but somehow I felt invincible and I wanted to do it again, maybe in some other good day when I'm not tired like hell anymore.

And that started it all. When I got back home, I decided to take on swimming as a new exercise but I had to find a good place to swim first, because unlike the clear waters off the coast of that island resort, the beaches at my place is one of the filthiest I swear I have ever seen, with all sorts of garbage, driftwood and anybody's feces in and out of the water. It feels like a thick primordial soup where it has all the organic compounds like feces and all sorts of chemicals from sewage that it could altogether create a new form of life in it, which will probably be immune to pollution. Even the color of the sand in the beach has turned dark grey from too much radiation from the garbage around, you could feel that there is something wrong with the sand because when it dries up in the sun, it forms a hard layer on top like pie crust and its not like regular fine sand which you could just filter through your fingers. You just have to do your swimming someplace else, seriously.

So I decided to swim laps at the local sports pool because it was the longest body of water where I could swim back and forth for two kilometers for just a couple of bucks. But it was a public pool and I don't need to count but I am sure there should be a least five hundred people who swam there before I did on the same day, and I am sure too that half of those who did must have taken a leak while hanging around the pool, which makes the water I am swimming in partly made up of urine. But what the hell, it is better than swimming in a beach of feces.

The local pool is also goddam crowded that you'll have a hard time swimming in a straight line with all the people in it, students come in groups of thirties for their swimming class and most of them didn't go there to swim at all but because they just needed to be in the pool for school grades, splash some water and take a leak.

I decided to swim the local pool on sundays, I mean that's the day the least people would be there for a swim, except for the stadium track beside it where people still make their sunday walks. I had this swimming thing going for about two months and then I thought I'd try something harder by swimming two kilometers in the pool then running another four kilometers on the track right after, it wasn't crazy because peter already got through two kilometers of swimming and ten kilometers of running himself, basically I was catching up on what he could do, the same way I was catching up on how much beer he drank when we were in college. Yet I was still able to make it out alive, but that was going to be the last time I was going to do it for now, swimming in particular, because right after I finished the swim-run thing, some bastard thief took off with my bag. There was nothing inside that was worth keeping though, my water bottle, my slippers and my wet underwear, no money no expensive gadgets because I never bought goddam expensive gadgets anyway, but my googles were in there and I needed them to swim. Unless tomorrow I grow fish eyelids then I could still go on swimming.


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