Being Lib ...or something like it

Monday, September 30, 2013


I got hooked into swimming around may of this year, I think it's a pretty good idea that I should be swimming because of how I used to smoke when I was younger, they say you exercise your lungs the most from breathing in and out of the water while you swim.

It started out when my old man brought me and my brothers to this small island off the coast of cebu last april, it was one of those really expensive resorts like those you see on travel magazines with all the fancy landscaping and decorating they did to the place to make it look like paradise where you would forget how miserable life is by being there, together with some gorgeous girl the magazine says is somewhere along the resort. Except when I got there, its just all old couples relaxing who already forgot how miserable life was.

But what made this place rather interesting aside from the pricetag is that a lot of whale sharks live around the place, the biggest kind any shark could grow into yet they pick on the smallest of shrimps to eat, like grade school bullies. And these big sharks love to stay around the place because of the fishermen feeding them a lot of shrimps for breakfast that they are behaving like dogs, swimming after small fishing boats and pushing them around until they get food, I swear they'd bark or wag their tail for food if they could. Its almost as good as that adage: give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, continue to give him fish and he will know where to ask from the next day, and it seems this adage goes out to the fishes themselves as well.

We went out to sea on a small boat to see these sharks real close, it was a small boat about the size of two coffins with two boatmen rowing the thing from both ends, and when we were far enough from shore we found three of these whale sharks and when I saw them underwater they were as big as a goddam car each, yet it was one of the most amazing things I could ever see in this life. It didn't pay attention to us though, even our boat because somehow it knew we didn't have shrimps with us. Eventhough shrimps but it was still a shark all the same and spielberg gave us this jaws nightmare from movieland that sharks like to eat people. It was not going to eat any of us but each time I faced the fish, I swear I could fit into its mouth headfirst because it always swam with its mouth hung open like a human retard would do while walking, and I could get stuck and drown inside, such instance being said in a nutshell would still sound like being eaten by a shark.

After our nature show, my brothers were climbing back on the boat but something stupid struck me right there on the water, I told them that I'd just swim back to shore for the hell of it. I knew it was far just by looking how deep the seabed where I was with the sharks, and I could kill myself from even trying something crazy like that. Nobody stopped me anyway, least they should have said was go kill yourself.

But holy aquaman, I did managed it back to shore and I was tired like hell and coughing from swallowing too much saltwater but somehow I felt invincible and I wanted to do it again, maybe in some other good day when I'm not tired like hell anymore.

And that started it all. When I got back home, I decided to take on swimming as a new exercise but I had to find a good place to swim first, because unlike the clear waters off the coast of that island resort, the beaches at my place is one of the filthiest I swear I have ever seen, with all sorts of garbage, driftwood and anybody's feces in and out of the water. It feels like a thick primordial soup where it has all the organic compounds like feces and all sorts of chemicals from sewage that it could altogether create a new form of life in it, which will probably be immune to pollution. Even the color of the sand in the beach has turned dark grey from too much radiation from the garbage around, you could feel that there is something wrong with the sand because when it dries up in the sun, it forms a hard layer on top like pie crust and its not like regular fine sand which you could just filter through your fingers. You just have to do your swimming someplace else, seriously.

So I decided to swim laps at the local sports pool because it was the longest body of water where I could swim back and forth for two kilometers for just a couple of bucks. But it was a public pool and I don't need to count but I am sure there should be a least five hundred people who swam there before I did on the same day, and I am sure too that half of those who did must have taken a leak while hanging around the pool, which makes the water I am swimming in partly made up of urine. But what the hell, it is better than swimming in a beach of feces.

The local pool is also goddam crowded that you'll have a hard time swimming in a straight line with all the people in it, students come in groups of thirties for their swimming class and most of them didn't go there to swim at all but because they just needed to be in the pool for school grades, splash some water and take a leak.

I decided to swim the local pool on sundays, I mean that's the day the least people would be there for a swim, except for the stadium track beside it where people still make their sunday walks. I had this swimming thing going for about two months and then I thought I'd try something harder by swimming two kilometers in the pool then running another four kilometers on the track right after, it wasn't crazy because peter already got through two kilometers of swimming and ten kilometers of running himself, basically I was catching up on what he could do, the same way I was catching up on how much beer he drank when we were in college. Yet I was still able to make it out alive, but that was going to be the last time I was going to do it for now, swimming in particular, because right after I finished the swim-run thing, some bastard thief took off with my bag. There was nothing inside that was worth keeping though, my water bottle, my slippers and my wet underwear, no money no expensive gadgets because I never bought goddam expensive gadgets anyway, but my googles were in there and I needed them to swim. Unless tomorrow I grow fish eyelids then I could still go on swimming.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Riddance, Lib likes this

I have to admit it, the reason why I rarely post in my blog for the past few years is because of facebook, I did say a couple of times I was busy with facebook games and crap but seriously I was busy watching other people for nothing. I was never a sociable person but sometimes having a facebook account alone with even just a fistful of facebook friends makes you look like you're trying to socialize in the least manner by being seen among your few friends, even if you're not even interacting like a phony on the internet. Its like been seen in a party but you're just there standing with your back against the wall and nobody coming to talk to you but you're still seen at the goddam party nonetheless.

So I deleted my whole account.
What does facebook mean to me anyway? (how it started) I barely posted anything on my account for almost six years, maybe if I wanted to talk or leave somebody a message I'd turn to facebook. But without the facebook message system and peter or max wanted to say anything to me they would always call on my mobile phone, and I'd see ariel and the beer brigade on saturdays anyway and both my law school friends imer and edward neither have facebook accounts too. The rest of my friends, well they probably have my mobile number, I have been using one mobile number for so long already and the numbers recur in a pattern that even a goddam parrot can recite it in less than day. Or if they wanted to send me a message they'd send it to peter or max and these guys would just tell me afterwards which can buy me enough time to think of an answer or a great excuse, like this time during our high school reunion last year when our outstanding classmates had to send me a message through peter telling me that they're wondering why whenever they'd ask me through facebook about going to the reunion, I'd suddenly go off-line. I told peter that it was probably the goddam internet at our house going nuts, but seriously I was going off-line on purpose because I never wanted to attend the reunion anyway.
I'd probably miss looking at that dentist's pictures, because whenever I go missing her I'd go see her facebook.
Then I'd also miss this last game I have been playing in facebook, all my other games went bankrupt so I was stuck shooting zombies off my little cartoon backyard for facebook entertainment. But hell it will probably go bankrupt soon like every other game anyway.

For all its worth, this blog is far more valuable than my facebook account.

But somehow I found a certain kind of peace, my kind of peace that the hell I care about strangers in facebook or what other people say about you or what you have to show to other people to make you look awesome in other peoples stupid point of view at least, I'm blowing this joint that is facebook and going back to my writing desk with some beers. Its funny though when I did get to my writing desk I found out that I don't have a good working reading lamp anymore, sure I had been writing sporadic blog posts but I did miss writing on my journal notebook with a pen which such habit that should be running on its 20th year by now. I still find this journal thing useful because great thoughts would only come for moments and the only thing I could easily write it down on is my notebook before I forget all about it. You'd probably tell me to go buy a flat tablet computer as a better journal substitute but its too goddam expensive and I'd probably break or lose it soon enough, and pulling it out in places to write down a good thought makes you look like a phony showing off what fancy thing you could buy, everyone in my family has one though. I swear half of the people pulling out their computer tablet in places are just checking the time or the weather in some city they don't even know about just to be seen holding a goddam tablet like moses in front of a crowd of pilgrims. Just remember all the greatest stories this humanity has ever written were all written on paper.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Screw the Afterlife

I placed this order for a whole bunch of shirts in some shirt factory in bangkok last february. I still haven't received the shipment until now for almost six months but I wasn't worried about the whole transaction, maybe a bit but not as much as hell because I had been doing business with this shirt factory for a decade that it should be more than enough time to be trusting somebody. Once though they did forget to send my shipment because it got mixed up at their warehouse storeroom floor and it stayed there for so many months until I found it myself, when I thought the whole goddam thing got lost in transit or out in the sea, on another occasion too they even sent everything before I made my payment. This time though I paid for everything already six months ago.

They haven't replied to my email too but I think it was fine because when they're in full production they can't reply to my email for months, I did try calling them up too but some recording kept singing me the song of their people which I didn't knew if it was singing about going to hell.

It just so happens my parents were on their way to the tiger's nest
It's kind of like the hidden mountain temple in the movies where they taught batman how to beat up other people that started his whole disturbed vigilante career. Batmen weren't the main attraction at the place though, my parents are just trying to fill their postcard bucketlist before they die out. Anyway they dropped by bangkok for a day and I thought I'd ask my old man to drop by their office and knock a reminder in case they forgot about the whole thing for so long already, but my old man was surprised to see a new bunch of people were using their office space and they said that the last people renting the place just vanished like con artists without a trace.

I swear I didn't see this coming because like I said I have been doing business with the runcheang couple for a decade (that's how their family names goes, just in case you know them tell them I'm looking for them real badly), they are hindus whom I thought their karma afterlife scared the hell out of them form doing really bad things, but I guess they didn't believe in an afterlife crap anymore and better get the most out of life with only the law to run away from. Not like christians that can go on believing in a better afterlife even after doing something really bad to others, all they have to do is pray like mad for forgiveness and imagine a godly voice whispering to them that's good enough and you can go to heaven after you die, while those they did bad things to will think otherwise that these bad people will still go to hell, but both of them will just die with their consciousness just vanishing into oblivion without anybody going anywhere at all.

Anyway I ruined my days that soon followed, I couldn't do much though, I'm here and they're across the south china sea or someplace else running from the law. But after my parents came back from the batman school in the mountains and my old man said that I should go to bangkok and see things for myself, and I needed a break too.

I flew to bangkok last week, the flight radio I had on my plane seat had a whole bee gees album which was great because I had something to listen over and over the whole flying time. Then I thought I'd play some word puzzle game on the plane seat screen with the music but when I started the game, the bee gees stopped singing and the whole screen crashed and went blank, then I remembered that the same thing happened months ago when I tried to run both the radio and a game on my seat altogether, which I forgot I swore I shouldn't be doing. Maybe I could get the thing running if I restarted the whole plane which is a bad idea to ask from the pilot while mid air. Hell the only book I had 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time' I left up in my bag in the ceiling apartment, so all I ever saw was clouds clouds and goddam clouds for more than two hours.

When I got to bangkok I went asking these other shirt factories about the runcheangs because I felt these other rivals knew the most about what happened to them, I already met these rival shirt factories before because sometimes I also pass on small job orders to them with this premonition that someday if something happens to the runcheangs, I'd still have other shirt factories to run next to, and by now everything just went into plan. This is a rundown of what I got from their own rivals: It all happened right after songkran (its some holiday they have for a hindu john the baptist or something like that, where everybody goes out on the streets splashing the daylights out of everybody with water). When everybody went back to work after the holidays, they began to notice that the runcheang couple's office had been closed for days, thinking somebody must have splashed the hell out of them to drive them sick for weeks. Then the landlord came for rent dues and broke the locks to the door to find out the goddam place empty, without any dead bodies on the floor though. People tried to find them but they already vanished with all the money they took and they further found out that the runcheang fugitives also had problems with the bank, I couldn't make out what it was because all I heard clearly from what they were saying were the words bank, financial, gone and swag, though I know swag got nothing to do with it but you could hear the goddam word being said once in a while in a foreign language.

I didn't have plans to pursue them, I was a long way from home and where I couldn't say crap to almost anybody without pointing or talking with my hands and where beer can only be bought after five in the afternoon. Besides the other thing I wanted to do was get some other shirt factory to take over that job order I had been waiting for half a year already. That same day I got to 7-11 after five in the afternoon to get my load of beer, and you could see people coming out of the shop opening their beers and sitting right away at the sidewalk to drink it, like they have been waiting for five o clock in the afternoon to strike, because having beers starting at only at five in the afternoon is goddam ridiculous. I just drank a bottle while looking out at my hotel window down into the streets, it was on the 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th floor I think but I was sure it was a very high floor, and down below you could see a lot of taxi cabs screwing traffic but it was goddam cute because their taxi cabs came in light colors of green, pink, lilac and other girly shade and it made you feel better seeing all these colors scramble on the road at rush hour over beer. Then from across the street I could see a small dental clinic on a lower floor than mine, and I could tell it was a dental clinic because it had a lighted tooth sign outside its own window, and the only trade you could have from having a tooth sign is being a dentist, or selling toothpastes and toothbrushes, or selling broken teeth in bulk if tooth fairies existed and lined up at the place.         when I get back to manila but all I got inside my bag going back home was newspapers, instant noodles and four cucumbers, I didn't know what to put inside my bag. I swear I wanted to but I didn't anyway.t

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Handed

So I stopped writing again for more than six months. I had one post I thought about writing last december, but I ended up writing it earlier this year but should have been on a december because that was when the thought came up to my head, but its pretty much useless now since I never got to finish it anyway, I guess I was just too busy.

For my last post six months ago I was supposed to post pictures about some paintings I made about comic book heroes. It was because of some striving artist I found in facebook, this guy entered a comic book hero drawing contest or something like that, he did have a slight sleigh of hand in drawing but he was complaining in facebook how he lost the whole contest to some amateur artist and swore himself that nobody would even buy those ugly winning pieces, and he was turning to facebook for attention and everybody around was just so goddam polite to say that his drawings were still amazing like phonies not telling you how terrible you look today.

I was angry with what the art hopeful said and anger is as good as the emotional fuel I need together with alcohol to drive myself to paint. And I made a lot of my own comic book hero paintings to prove his was as good as garbage, and I swear I was at my finest myself yet on these paintings. I was going to post them here in my blog instead at facebook but then my laptop where the scans of those paintings were saved unto crashed, and I have to start from scrap all over again and now I'm the one sounding like the phony saying I'm better in painting when I don't even have anything to prove it.

I just have to get that old laptop working, I got a new one though and at least I have one new painting to post.

I also broke my right hand about two weeks ago after I smashed it into a concrete wall, because I got to my anger boiling point again with my old man, and nobody heats it up better than him. I know I am older and I have better patience, tolerance and goddam maturity towards everything but maybe its just that none of our stars were aligned that we never get along so well. My old man had been complaining about all the crap that he could think off to me and I have been holding myself at bay for so many weeks that I finally blew up, I just needed leverage to shut him up.

I broke two bones of my right hand, it became so goddam painful around 15 minutes after I smashed it, then my right hand started to feel hot, then it started to swell and finally it got harder and harder to move at all. I got a small piece of wood and had it strapped around my hand so that the wrist wouldn't move around that much, then I had to drink a lot of beer as a substitute for painkillers that night.

The doctor said that I should be having my arm in a cement cast, I say to hell with the cast, I don't want to look like a person coming from an accident with that cast, and where all of my friends could write crap and just about anything where I could read it anytime at work, while eating and when I wake up, for a whole month. The doctor said it should be better by around a month, I complained that it was too goddam long and he just cut it short into a week to make me happy, though he was right because after a week it hasn't been any better.

I had a blue hand strap with an iron base to replace the makeshift hand plank I had been wearing for 3 days, my right hand was not totally disabled but I found it hard to do a lot of things, the hardest being
  • eating with a spoon
  • holding a beer bottle
  • wiping my crack
  • writing
  • killing mosquitoes with a clap
  • continue painting
  • brushing my teeth
And just about anything that requires me to move my wrist around. And talking about brushing my teeth, There's this dentist through a good friend of mine for more than a year ago, not that I needed to fix any of my teeth but the dentist is quite pretty. I liked her for more than a year already but I don't know how the hell am I going to win her heart. Probably another reason that has kept my head busy the past year though I never did mention about her since then.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hotel Add Ons

I should tell you about this new hotel I have been staying in manila a couple of times the last few months, three times actually since july. I saw their advertisement in the internet that it only costs a little more than just five hundred bucks a day for a great but small room, and it does sound cheap at first glance but it wasn't more than just five hundred bucks later on the secret tax, taxable and taxes that showed up in the bill afterwards changed the whole price to about sevend hundred bucks, but it was still good anyway.

You must have seen those make-your-own sandwiches in some restaurant's menu where there's a price for every tomato slice, lettuce leaf and mustard you add up to the sandwich, well felt exactly like a those sandwiches because I have to pay extra for an air conditioner, cable TV and for renting a towel, including wifi but hell I haven't wified my entire life anyway, and this was when it started to get expensive. The room does not have any cabinet of any sort, the only table it has is this bedside table so small you could not write on and the sides are curving downwards that my beer bottle easily fell off from the edge and broke into pieces in the floor on my first night, I wasn't able to sweep the floor clean enough without a broom and with housekeeping still due the next day so I ended up like officer mclane in die hard pricking out glass shards from my feet because the room is just too small. Housekeeping does change the blankets and the bathroom rug daily though, I tried using the rug to wipe myself clean instead of renting a towel but it felt awkward using a goddam rug for a towel even if it was white and clean and nobody was looking. I eventually shopped for a towel everytime I got to manila because it was a lot cheaper.

Sometimes I feel paying a hundred and thirty bucks a day to have cable tv when I get back to my room at night is too much but they got computers at the lobby anyway, I could use it for 15 minutes the longest in one sitting then maybe I could go back to my room to read a book or go to seven eleven just outside and get a beer or something to eat before going back for another 15 minutes again. Having a seven eleven just outside the lobby just solves every traveling problem I have.

One good thing about the hotel is that it is located in the median distance to both places where I work, I'm pretty sure about this because the public ride going to both places from the hotel  always costs at ten bucks, to think that these drivers are all to hell particular about adding a penny for every kilometer longer you stay in the ride.

But the hardest part for me staying in this hotel is that they only start taking in guests at two in the afternoon and have them leave the room at eleven in the morning after their stay by shutting off all electricy. I always get to manila first thing in the morning and because of that I now have to carry my stuffs around for more than half of the daytime before I could get myself a room, and I also take the last flight back home at night that it is just all too hell early to be leaving my room before noon, though they charge you for every luggage you leave behind the lobby for a day and they charge you extra still if you want to leave your room later than eleven. The last time I checked out from the place days ago I had the whole afternoon to kill before my flight so what I did I took the metro rail nearest from the place and got myself a good seat and rode the whole route in a loop back to the same station just for the heck of it, my knee is still broken and it was tough to walk the afternoon away anyway and I got time in my hands to see things before I die.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I took an arrow to the knee...

I broke my knee from running too much. It happened about three weeks ago while I was far out of town running for an hour and a half when something inside my right knee snapped after I landed on my right foot, there was a sudden jolt of pain that almost made me fall to the ground screaming like a girl. I managed to stay on both feet though but it still hurted like hell that I had to walk limping for a while, I thought it must have been a nerve or a blood vessel caught inside the hinge of my knee that the pain would just go away just like cramps after a little amateur massage on the side of the road and a short walk.

The pain struck my knee twice that morning but I didn't gave a crap about it, all I had on my mind was to finish the whole 18 kilometer route or to just do it no matter what, like how nike advertisements would quote people to motivate on exercise, though I didn't had one nike item on me even just socks so that I could go blame them afterwards.

My knee continued to have this tingling sensation somewhere in the middle of the joint the days after, it wasn't as painful when it snapped but people can tell from the way I was walking funny. I still wanted to jog anyway but the goddam weather was depressing thereon gushing out a lot of rain for the next two weeks, stopping once in a while but not long enough for me to go jog after work. So I decided to try the stationary bike over at my gym since it was the closest thing to running and sweating on dry land. I took one bike that looked like a space hovercraft with worn out buttons on its little cockpit panel, I pressed them like a monkey on a keyboard and when nothing blew up I pedaled myself into my own imaginary highway. The sequence I pressed the buttons at random though, set the bike into its own imaginary mountain route that made the pedals more stiffer to kick on as if you were cycling up a slope every once in a while. With my knee already in a bad shape, I still kicked on the thing even when the pedal felt like a brickload.

It finally stopped raining on that same weekend and I ran out into the countryside again covering my 18 kilometer route and I was able to finish it without my knee snapping or anything, except for the tingling sensation, it didn't bother much and I still got myself to run like hell when I would start thinking about how I used to smoke before, getting sick with cancer, dying and stuff like that.

What I noticed when I ran back at my route is that there had been a growing number of other people running in it, I liked it in a way because it makes the whole road much safer from these crazy dogs with hangovers that go running after people first thing in the morning, now they'd have a lot of other running people to bite other than me. But with more people running on the road on my route I was afraid that somebody running along my pace would start a goddam phony conversation with me, and it did happen this time. I didn't even know how she started it but I ended up listening to crap from this running lady I caught up in front of me with who was as old as my mother, she was a living airbag on a pair of new running shoes. I had to know she had new shoes because she bragged about it first, and it was sure a goddam brag since you don't start a conversation to strangers about wearing new shoes that morning, I didn't look at them though. She was also running on my route and she continued about how she won races and all, well actually she said she won two races, and she could have won one last week if she joined and talked about joining another one next month perhaps with thoughts about winning still. I didn't want to be rude and made her go on talking until when she made quite a pause I told her to be seeing her around and made a run for it, she had to pause and catch her breath anyway. On my way out on ditching her I could have made a last laugh by yelling back that if she was that fast, how in the hell was I able to catch up with her in the first place, I didn't though, it was probably going to be bad karma on my knee.

Then came my grandmother's 90 birthday a week ago where we had a grand dinner and almost all of my cousins and their kids came to show my grandmother the headcount of her contribution to world population in her lifetime. Most of my cousins around me that night inclined their careers towards medicine or these sort of jobs around the hospital, and when we all got together on the dinner table and started asking me how was I doing, all I ever said was that my knee feels funny from running around the countryside. And when the medicine cousins started talking how bad a knee broken from too much exercise can get someday, I began to loose my appetite because of thoughts of how I can become a cripple when there's even so much great food to eat, I started to imagine that I would someday end up in a wheelchair like professor X even before I get to 50 if I don't get this knee fixed, and if I didn't end up on a wheelchair I would not be able to jog anymore for the rest of my life.

I went to manila a couple of days later, I bought a knee band that straps around my knee to keep everything there tight  for whatever broken tissues to grow back faster being closer to where it was ripped apart. My old man also gave me a bottle of knee medicine, I didn't read anything on the bottle but there was a picture of a knee in the label and it already spoke of everything I needed to know. My medicine cousins including peter also told me that I should restrain myself from all sorts of knee exercise the next six freaking months,  just as long for pregnant women not be running themselves before childbirth. I couldn't just go back to my routine during my 20's of drinking alcohol to kill time, but imer asked me for some beers tomorrow and it probably wouldn't hurt drinking for a night anyway, besides he's got a lot of stories to tell about how he proposed marriage to his girl and these things don't come even close to happening twice to anybody in a lifetime.

I miss running though.

Friday, September 07, 2012


I came to my old man to ask if he brought any ecuadorian newspaper with him last week, I just wanted to write about something and I'm sure I'd always find strange articles in newspapers from far away lands to make me spark up an idea. My old man told me that all the newspapers they got were in spanish and asked me why the hell would I want to read an ecuadorian newspaper.

Julian assange

Or better known as the world's greatest eavesdropper for snooping on global conversations of governments and having it all available in the internet for free and placing a big pricetag on his head for putting world peace at stake. He is now on the run and is hiding in ecuador. My old man told me:

He's not there yet, he's still locked up at the embassy at london!

Then he paused, he was watchin cable tv and took a sip over his beer and continued telling me why I waste so much time over these petty little incindents when there is so much more to life that I should worry about. I wanted to explain to him I just needed to read something peculiar to get myself to write something but what the hell, he doesn't even like me wasting time writing on the internet either, yet I continued.

Charles darwin?

Darwin in his youth traveled to these galapagos islands which was off the coast of ecuador, there he found strange animals which because of isolation, were evolving like pokemon on steriods. He eventually wrote his marvelous book about the origin of the species and the theory of evolution that man came from the apes and took over the planet, before the apes will take over it again according to the movies. But anyway his book significantly overturned the great hoax by the bible that men all came from adam and  eve, making them one of the oldest phonies in written fiction. My old man continued like he doesn't want to be bothered:

Darwin only passed by the place!

But he did leave a mark to the country because they have everything from a colegio charles darwin, avenida charles darwin and a hotel charles darwin, even their football goalkeeper has darwin for his first name. Their football team should also have gone by the name los evolutionarios, I think that would sound great especially when their powered football team is now ranked 20th in the world as of today. They should follow colombia's football team across their borders when they went by the name los cafeteros or the colombian coffeemakers themselves, now that's very catchy.

My parents did get me the ecuadorian football uniform though, they knew I am into this football jersey business and how I always wear them on exercise, but I was concerned about the price of the shirt they got me when it was almost 3 grand for a piece when I got the neighboring colombian coffeemaker jersey for only 135 bucks in my business myself, but I am terribly happy anyway.